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Press Release 11th June 2013

“It’s a nation of provocation; It’s a time bomb ready to blow…”

- Eighty year old gets in the groove

Question: How many pop stars release their latest single to commemorate their 80th birthday?


Answer: Er, not many! But that’s exactly what Tommy Hunt, former member of US fifties and sixties hitmakers the Flamingos and legend of Northern Soul’s Wigan Casino, is planning!


“I’ve had a long and rewarding career and it’s not over yet”, said Tommy who will be releasing the song when he reaches this amazing milestone on June 18th 2013.


Tommy’s biggest hit in the U.S came back in 1962 when a DJ accidentally played the flip side of his current single and sparked an unknown level of interest in him that kick-started his musical career. The song ‘Human’ went on to become his highest placed US single. His career however, had started years before when as a member of the legendary Flamingos, he recorded “I only have eyes for you”.


Tommy became a regular performing at The Apollo in New York alongside such artists as Jackie Wilson, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, Diana Ross and The Supremes, The Shirelles, Dionne Warwick, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and Sam and Dave. 


Although amazing songwriters such as Burt Bacharach & Hal David, sought out Tommy to record their latest songs; like the original version of ‘I just don’t know what to do with myself’ (later a global hit for Dusty Springfield and others), Tommy is today carving out a career for himself as a songwriter and in fact wrote his new single ‘Nation Of Provocation’ and is releasing it through his own recently formed publishing company BooPop Publishing.


“During my sixty years career, a lot has changed in this world and not all for the better. This song sums up my vision of the world today and what I believe we need to do to make things better,” he said.  Make no mistake however, this is no gentle pop song; it’s an Afro-Cuban dance track with a spoken monologue over a funky driving salsa backbeat.


“In the seventies, I was booked to perform at the second anniversary all-niter at Wigan Casino, the shrine to Northern Soul music in the UK and that reinvigorated my career again within this scene.  Enjoying chart success with three consecutive singles, I appeared on Top of the Pops three times and enjoyed dancing alongside Pan’s People,” he smiled!


In 1982 Tommy was awarded the ‘Male Vocalist of the Year’ accolade presented by Club Mirror but the crowning glory of his career came in 2001 when the Flamingos alongside Paul Simon, Queen and Michael Jackson, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame of America for their 30 year outstanding contribution to music. 


Today, his work life is as busy as ever. Alongside performing at soul music events in the UK, Europe and the United States, in October he is scheduled to travel to Spain where, as Tommy Hunt & The New Flamingos, he will record a complete album of new songs that he has written.


“I’ve been blessed with good health and a fair amount of success and I’m not ready to give it up yet.  I’d love ‘Nation Of Provocation’ to seize the number one spot.  That wouldn’t be bad for an eighty year old now would it” he winked?


‘Nation Of Provocation’ by Tommy Hunt is available as a download from CDBaby.

A sample of the song can be downloaded here. Click here to play/download the sample


Note to desks:

Please find lyrics to Tommy Hunt’s new single ‘Nation Of Provocation’ below, and a link to Tommy’s biography and discography top left hand side of this page.


Nation Of Provocation written by Tommy Hunt     


When you’re pushing people to the end of their rope

Leaving them with no pride, no hope

What have you got but a hate universe

A worldwide stage but the show ain’t rehearsed


Streets are filling up with chaos galore

Looting and burning the neighbourhood store

Hurting the innocent. Now ain’t that sad

What’s happened to us? Have we all gone mad?



It’s a nation of provocation

It’s a time bomb ready to blow

It’s a nation of provocation

And the strain is starting to show


Culture is going from bad to worse

A whole lot of people are gonna’ get hurt.

Police madness is tough on man

A child’s even worse with a gun in his hands


Stop creating so much anger and pain

It’s history repeating itself again

It’s time for all the people to communicate

And rid the world of bigotry and hate




The wealth of man is his dignity

Waking each morning, knowing he is free

To walk strong with his head held high

Not taking the blame for another mans’ lies.


Think of the children before it’s too late

Put a lot of lovin’ on their plates.

Don’t leave them a legacy of hate and fear

Give them a world of love and care


Do you hear me now?




Don’t knock them down before they’re on their feet.

Give them a chance to taste a life that’s sweet.

Help them to know that love is the key

To a prosperous, dignified destiny


Don’t let annihilation be your fate

When the hammer comes down there’s no escape.


Do you hear me now?


Copyright C.J.Hunt

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 Link to YouTube footage of Tommy Hunt performing with the Spanish Flamingos at The Screamin Festival in Pineda de Mar, Spain in 2011:   


- Link to YouTube footage of Tommy Hunt performing with the Velvet Candles at The Hemsby Rock & Roll Festival 2012:




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 In December 2008, Tommy Hunt penned his autobiography, ‘Only Human, My Soulful Life’.

ISBN-10: 1904408427

ISBN-13: 978-1904408420




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